13th UNIDO General Conference

The SID Vienna chapter participated in the UNIDO General Conference that was held from 7 to 11 December 2009. Member States re-elected the current Director-General, Kandeh Yumkella, who can be credited with having turned the organization around, for a second four-year term. That notwithstanding, Member States were reluctant to allow the Director-General to draw on unutilized contributions to fund the change management initiative and other improvements in management processes and delivery mechanisms that are essential to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of UNIDO still further. They did, however, agree on the composition of the subsidiary bodies, the Industrial development Board and the Programme and Budget Committee, and adopted the medium-term plan frameworks.

Of greater interest to the SID participants was a series of side-events and debates that focused on industrial development in a changing global landscape. One such event dealt with the effects of the world economic crisis on industrial development in the middle income and in the poor countries. Others addressed the issue of poverty reduction through industry; the issue of corporate social responsibility in countries in the stage of industrialization; or the ‘greening’ of industry. The issue of energy efficiency and of alternate sources of primary energy were dealt with extensively. The panel discussions themselves were both lively and interesting.

In the general debate, though, regional specifics tended to dominate.

Given the floor at the end of the general debate, SID delivered brief statement., a copy of which is attached below.

SID was thus able to raise its profile within UNIDO and among the other participating NGOs. It will use this increased ‘visibility’ to develop closer ties with UNIDO in areas of particular interest to SID.

Statement by the Society for International Development to the UNIDO General Conference, December 2009 [PDF]

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