We look forward to your support. In return, we offer you an opportunity to work with us on research topics, which are of particular interest and use to you – be it in the course of your studies or professional activities. University students, young professionals and staff members of the Vienna-based international organizations are particularly welcome. Members enjoy access to a network and on-line community of over 3,000 persons worldwide engaged in development.

In addition you can access the regular electronic Newsletter and Forum Alert with articles and opinion pieces posted on the SID Forum. Members also receive complimentary copies of the journal Development – a renowned quarterly published by SID International that focuses on issues of crucial importance to sustainable human development.

To become a member, please complete the application form (membershipSID)and send it to

Membership fees:

  • Individuals   € 40.00      per year
  • Students      € 15.00      per year
  • Institutions  € 100.00    per year

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